Joel Schwartz plays guitar and anything else he can get his hands on…and he also writes beautiful songs. A unique voice in the Canadian music scene, he is well known for his generous spirit and ridiculous chops.

Recent credits include Great Lake Swimmers, Royal Wood, Patricia O’Callaghan, Joel Fafard, Kate Rogers, Zebrina, and Aviva Chernick. His original group, The Outlanders, released their debut album of instrumental music in 2007.


Andrea Koziol is a singer and songwriter with 5 solo albums to her name and a history of singing loudly and laughing even more loudly.

She has toured extensively, performing in every imaginable venue, including many of Canada’s most prominent Folk and Jazz festivals. In addition to her solo career, she has co-written award winning music with Michael Kaeshammer, Tianda, Ron Lopata and Donald Quan, and her compositions have been featured in numerous Canadian films.